The Clerks at Holmes List pride themselves on their integrity and service. By encouraging feedback from their Barristers, the Clerks instill openness and a deep and trusting professional relationship.

Paul Holmes Barrister Clerk

Paul Holmes

Barristers' Clerk
Phone: (03) 9225 6444
Mobile: 0417 362 010

Our Senior Clerk, Paul Holmes, has over 25 years experience as a Barristers' Clerk.

He commenced as a clerk of the court at various Courts around the State of Victoria.
With intimate knowledge of both the administration of the Courts, Boards and Regulatory Bodies in Victoria, Paul understands the expertise of the Barristers on his List. Every endeavour is made to ensure the correct advice as to the appropriate Counsel is given.

He loves the banter of his Barristers, their quick wit and exacting minds. Paul manages a small staff of twelve who are experienced in the demands and requirements of a legal office.


Mark Serong Assistant Clerk

Mark Serong

Assistant Clerk
Phone: 03 9225 6453
Mobile: 0423 026 830

Holmes List's longest-serving Assistant Clerk, Mark Serong has dedicated his entire career to the Barristers of the Victorian bar.

For the last 24 years, Mark has been an assistant clerk to Barristers. By attracting work from all levels of the briefing sector. He believes the range and depth of experience of the Barristers on the list, particularly in Crime and Family Law are the reason for its success and longevity.

A family man, Mark's spare time is spent helping his children pursue their sporting and leisure interests.


Paul Rees

Assistant Clerk
Phone: 03 9225 6434
Mobile: 0434 600 805

Paul has always held a keen interest in the law. After working as a Clerk of Courts for three years, he worked as an Assistant Stipendary Steward at Harness Racing Victoria, then to Racing Victoria before commencing with Holmes List.

He appreciates the respect the List has garnered among the industry, and affirms that its staff pride themselves on a high quality service that accommodates all areas of the law. Holmes List allows Paul to work in an environment that he really enjoys.


Tanya Muratore

Assistant Accounts Clerk
Phone: 03 9225 6444

Tanya Muratore has worked in a clerk's office for the past 11 years, commencing in the Mail Department, then rising to her current position with Holmes List as Assistant Clerk.

She loves the friendly nature of Holmes List, but commends the organisation for going above and beyond for its Barristers. She describes them as 'outstanding'. As encouragement for the Barristers asked to join the List, she says they will experience staff who are always willing to help, with a wide variety of work to come their way.


Lauren Sezney Assistant Clerk




Lauren Sezney

Assistant Clerk
Phone: 03 9225 6489
Mobile: 0421 773 051 

Lauren's career trajectory allowed her to have intimate knowledge of every aspect of the Holmes List operation.

At age 18 she commenced as Receptionist at Holmes List. She then progressed to become a Personal Assistant to ten of the List's Barristers. Now, as an Assistant Clerk, Lauren is proud to continue working for a List that is not only highly sought after but is well respected. She believes that Holmes List's success is due to the personal nature of the service and the sensational relationship shared between staff, barristers and solicitors.


Alie Fuller

Assistant Clerk
Phone: 03 9225 6480
Mobile: 0408 720 075  

Alexandria, preferably Alie started her career in a Clerk’s Office aged 18. Working in varying roles for multiple Barrister’s Clerks List’s before joining the team at Holmes List. This trajectory allowed her to have intimate knowledge of every aspect of the industry. Whilst working for multiple Clerk’s Lists she gained a Bachelor in Communications (Public Relations) and an Advanced Diploma in Marketing.

Since started at Holmes List as a Receptionist in 2014 she has worked hard, moving into the Accounts Receivable role and now as an Assistant Clerk. 

She is proud to continue working for a List that is not only highly sought after but is well respected.